One of the most important aspects of your time at SMI will be your living arrangements: where you live, and who you live with. All SMI students have the option of living in our accommodations: shared apartments near the campus. Our lodgings are close to the city center and are equipped with a full set of modern amenities, so you have all the convenience of a private accommodation with the authentic experience of living in Rome.


You can choose between single and shared rooms with private bathroom.


Rooms are fully furnished, and kitchen equipment, bedding and towels are provided. In addition, 24/7 assistance is available if needed.


The cost for living in our rooms is EUR 3,650 per semester (shared rooms) and EUR 4,600 per semester (single room); utilities, furniture, and 24/7 assistance are included. They are available to our students for 9 full months.


Casa San Juan

Casa San Juan offers a genuine and careful hospitality. It has a privileged location near the heart of Rome (Vatican City and the historic centre), well connected by both private and public transport. The reception is open 24 hours a day and besides we provide free wi-fi, buffet continental breakfast and both local and international food for dinner. Casa San Juan has a wonderful park of an hectare with a football field, a basketball court, a swimming pool and a children play area. It borders Villa Carpegna and is 5 minutes away from Villa Doria Pamphily, one of the biggest parks in Rome. 


Parco Tirreno

Parco Tirreno Residence is located in the same privileged area of Casa San Juan. The main difference with the other facility is that room are finished with a our students can find here housing options with a little kitchen inside the rooms.