UNDERGRADUATE tuition cost:€ 36.000
GRADUATE tuition cost € 18.000
GAP YEAR tuition cost€ 28.000


*SMI offers payment plans for full-time students to cover tuition, housing, and fees. Students are also eligible for scholarships (please take a look at our Scholarships section for details)

Housing fee double occupancy:€ 3,650 per semester
Media & technology fee: € 125 per semester
Orientation fee:€ 200
Athletic fee:€ 290
**Administrative fee (for non-European citizens):€ 640
**Administrative fee (for European citizens):€ 400
Graduation fee:€ 175
Health Insurance:€ 125
Late payment fee:€ 200

*Insurance is mandatory for all NON-EU students requiring a student visa and a permit to stay.
A waiver can be requested by a written notification to the financial department within deadlines and by presenting proof of personal insurance (including Hospitalization, Emergencies and repatriation)

** Administrative fee includes bureaucratic processes and documentation related to student visa, permit to stay, fiscal code, club placement and enrollment procedures

5:00 pm: Check-in

6:00 pm: Warm-up

6.15 pm: Training session and 8 vs 8 game