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we are

Soccer Management Institute

We have molded the upcoming soccer leaders since 2018. We firmly think that coaches should pursue higher education, and our objective is to give them the resources they need to launch and maintain prosperous coaching careers. Traditional Italian coaching culture, winning mentality, innovative trends and adaptability to the game are the pillars of our coaching education.





Community with students coming from 50+ Countries

Our History,

Born to Lead the Game.

Soccer Management Institute is a story of success accomplished by hard work and professionalism.  An ambitious idea that became a a sense of Italian pride at an international level. Combining an international education with playing sports at a high international level, to prepare for a future role in the professional sports world.

Serie A Elite (2022)

Serie A Elite, powered by Serie A and Rome City, is the first official Serie A recruitment platform in North America.


United Soccer Coaches (2022)

Rome City is now aligned with United Soccer Coaches, the largest association of soccer coaches in the world, to help better the connection and advancement between Italian and American soccer coaches.


Babolat (2021)

Rome City has partnered with Babolat, to strengthen the connection of young tennis players, looking to compete in America and Italy.

Link Campus University - New headquarters (2021)

Rome City Institute and Link Campus University has come together to create a very strong University partnership. Link Campus will host all of the academic programs of Rome City Institute, as both parties continue to grow their diversity.


Lega Pro (2020)

Signed a multiyear agreement with Lega Pro, the Italian Soccer Third Division.

Italian Track & Field Federation

Signed a partnership with the Italian Track & Field Federation in June 2020. 


Summit NCAA (2019)

In January 2019 College Life Italia represents Italy in the first summit organized in the NCAA Headquarter in Indianapolis.

International Alliance (2018)

In June 2018 the International Alliance for Excellence in Sport & Education was established. The top 7 market leaders in the college sports recruiting team up to ensure maximum professionalism in dealing with sports and education issues.


Soccer Management Institute Establishment (2018)

In August 2018, Soccer Management Institute was born.  Now it is one of the most prestigious sports institutes in the world.

Italian Soccer Coaches Association (2017)

College Life Italia becomes exclusive partners of the Italian Soccer Coaches Association in North America.

Italian Soccer Player Association (2016)

In June 2016 CLI signed the first institutional partnership with the Italian Soccer Player Association. 

College Life Italia Establishment (2013)

College Life Italia was founded in Kansas City (USA) in December 2013 by Stefano Radio, Paolo Scoppola, Giorgio Antongirolami, e Lucas De Rossi. 


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At SMI we are looking for students who are willing to think outside the box and prepare themself  for a professional journey in a rapidly changing world.